2017 Honda BR-V S CVT Modulo


1.5L EURO4 Certified I-Vtec w/ CVT


118hp and 145Nm of torque


7 Seats

7” Touchscreen Audio Display

Rear Parking Sensors

16” Alloy wheels

Modulo Body Kit (Specific to tested unit)


PHP 1,072,000 (As date of test)

Honda has run in my family’s fleet for years. It isn’t a real surprise, considering how much of a reliable vehicle they are and how well they’re built. You can still find many 90s Hondas roaming the streets of the Metro. That’s why it comes with no surprise why the 2017 Honda BR-V S CVT Modulo is such a hit with Filipino families.



The 2017 BR-V S runs the same 1.5L Euro4 Certified engine as the Jazz, Mobiliio, and City. I’ve owned 2 of 3, and have driven all 3, needless to say, it was a wise decision to keep a proven engine in their model range. Mated with a Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT, the BR-V tops out at 118hp with 145Nm torque. During the duration of my test with the BR-V my gas mileage for a quick road trip was 20km/L on average on the highway at brisk speeds. Back in the city I averaged 6-7km/L on average in Manila traffic.

Creating a bigger platform should ideally require more from its power plant. The 2017 Honda BR-V S CVT handles the added responsibility quite well. Brisk driving is no sweat for the BR-V if you’re with 1 or 2 companions. On average, the Filipino drives alone; traversing within the city, so this should be no problem. Loading the BR-V is a little bit of a different story. The vehicle could use a little more power when loaded; with increased gas mileage from increased engine effort, but can still get the job done. Nonetheless, the provincial highway of Nasugbu provided a fun, driving experience with the BR-V. The vehicle’s rigid suspension gives you confidence through mid- and high-speed corners. You can place the vehicle in such a way you can carry speed right through the corner.

Familiarity Continues

Inside the 2017 Honda BR-V S CVT Modulo, the familiar cues from its siblings continues. This isn’t an issue, because Honda has always made beautifully functional vehicles inside and out. First thing you will notice when you sit in the BR-V is just how clean the whole dashboard is, with piano black, and silver plastic accents all across the dash. Sitting in the middle is a 7-inch audio touchscreen display. You have Bluetooth connectivity, and Aux, which are fairly standard with these head units. Lacking though is the option for navigation for this specific variant, but honestly, who doesn’t forego the navigation aids for Waze? The dash is a very minimalistic approach, considering that the “S” badge is the entry level of the range. You’d expect tactile rotary knobs, and a head unit from the early 2000s, but no. You’re greeted with a well thought out ergonomic experience. The beauty continues to the instrument cluster. Again, clean, clear, and beautifully arranged, making it easy for drivers to identify the current situation of their vehicle.

7 is the magic number with MPVs hitting the market now. 7 seats to be specific, and 3 other Japanese manufactures have joined the battle in the 7seat MPV market. Honda brilliantly threw in the BR-V into the market not as an MPV, but as a crossover vehicle. Upon its introduction in 2016 the 7seat crossover market was isolated just to the BR-V. What also helped the BR-V win over hearts in the Philippine market was its styling. With the bold presence of its chrome grille and an upright front fascia, it is no surprise you see many BR-Vs traversing the roads. Throw in the Modulo (PHP42,000 extra) kits which this specific unit was equipped with, and you have a stunner.

All in All

With backing sensors, hill start assist, the 7-inch touchscreen audio control head unit, and 7 seats, all standard in the entry S variant the 2017 Honda BR-V S CVT Modulo is one you should consider. Even if you’re a young professional without a family, but would need the extra space, the bold styling, and product quality will have you at a bargain. Even if the interior has hard plastics, the appearance, and presentation would have you marking it at a higher price point. Great gas mileage, and adequate power are plus points to consider. Priced at PHP 1,072,000 (as of date tested), it would be hard to find a crossover as bold as the Honda BR-V, and at just above 1Million Pesos.