2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo

Econobox |n.||Origin; Economical + Box|

            A car that’s small and economical rather than luxurious and stylish.

Honda Civics are not just transportation machines, but a cultural movement. Everybody from your teenage neighbor that just got his license, to an older couple looking for an inexpensive reliable car, are looking at a Civic. Since its birth in 1972, the Honda Civic has been a hit in every territory it was introduced to. 10 generations on, the Civic is still a well-loved vehicle of the world. This 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo just pushes that love into a whole new spectrum.

Power for Days

173 Horsepower is produced from the 1.5Liter engine, which is mated to a turbo, and CVT transmission with paddle shifters. What does this mean for the 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo? Down shift using the paddle shifters, step on the gas pedal, and feel your body get pushed back into the seat. You’ll feel the turbo kick in when you really mash the pedal to the floor mats. That same turbo will give you the titillating thrill of speed, and also return great numbers for fuel economy. Averaging around 6-7km/L in the city, and about 13-15km/L on brisk highway driving. This is exactly what a Civic should be. Fun for everyday men and women, and it doesn’t hurt the pocket too badly.

With the speed of the 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo, also comes great handling and confidence. Bombing the hills going up, and down Antipolo, the Civic RS Turbo just pushes you to go faster and faster through the twists. It’s so planted, with no frills as you feed it power through the corners. Steering the Civic RS Turbo is electronically assisted, giving weight and more “feel” the quicker you go, but lightens up for city driving.

Sharper than a Knife

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Common quote everybody uses about giving the benefit of the doubt. The 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo needs no benefit of the doubt, and can be judged by the way it looks. If speed needed a picture in the dictionary to assist the definition, the Civic RS Turbo should be that photo. Every line, and crease looks like it was surgically sculpted with a scalpel. The Civic RS Turbo’s front fascia, with it’s sharp lines, and gloss black accented grille make it look like it was built to slice through the air. The headlamps on the 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo, are LED, with a day time running light strip acting as a bottom brow tying all of the headlamp’s elements together. Those headlamps give the Civic RS Turbo such a futuristic look completing the judgment of the technology and performance this vehicle packs. The profile of the Civic RS Turbo is low, with the lines of the roof making it look like an Audi A7. The rear is beautifully encased with the rear LED tail lamps, which are just absolutely beautiful, and topped off with the subtle spoiler.

The aggressive styling continues on inside. Every time I step in, I feel like I should radio to Air Traffic Control, and ask permission to take off. Start the instrument cluster. Split into 3 areas, they are as clean, and easy to understand like a multi-display screen on the newest Airbus. The steering wheel, which is beautifully wrapped in leather, has phone, entertainment, info, and cruise control buttons at the 9 and 3 o’clock for your hands to stay in position while you change the track to the Top Gun theme song. Once you’ve settled into the 8-way power adjust, supple leather seats, you will notice the pulsing Engine Start Stop button. Press it and the whole car comes to life. The center console has a floating 7-inch touchscreen infotament system as the focal point. This has got to be the cleanest center console in a vehicle I’ve ever got the pleasure to test. Everything you could every need is neatly placed within reach. This is the epitome of driver centric.

After a week

 I had the pleasure to test the 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo for a week, and all I can say was the pleasure was all mine. Civics have a bad rep for being (sorry for the term) “ricers,” or vehicles from Asia that can be modified out of this world. They also have the bad rep of being mundane, vanilla, econoboxes. The best attributes of the Civic’s practicality, and features package made it a popular choice for people that could careless about vehicles. Buying vehicles like they were appliances. But for the 10th generation, the past has been thrown out of the door. Aggressive styling inside and out, along with performance to match, the 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo should be at the very top of your list if you’re in the market for a practical, sporty, and stylish sedan. Not a lot of things have stuck around since the 70s, Star Wars, Eat Bulaga, and Angelina Jolie, naming a few, but driving this 2017 Honda Civic RS Turbo lets you know why its been around since ’72.