2018 Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.8 G 4×4 Diesel A/T


2.8L Diesel, 4 Cylinder, 16-Valve DOHC Variable Nozzle Turbo with Front Mounted Intercooler


174hp & 450Nm of Torque


6.5” Touchscreen w/ DVD


Keyless Entry

Rear Backing Sensors

18” alloy wheels

Special TRD Accessories (Additional Extra)

Speed HUD (Additional Extra)

Nebula Blue Metallic Paint (Exclusive to Hilux Conquest)


PHP 1,777,000 (as of date tested)

I’ve always had an affinity for Toyota trucks. First one I fell in love with was Marty McFly’s 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab, which you can see at the end of the Back to the Future (1985) film. Shiny black paint, and large wheels, along with the cool KC lights lining the sport bar, and 2 in the center of the bullbar, it was every kid’s dream to have one. Unfortunately the original SR5 briefly used by Michael J. Fox in the film perished in an accident, and the duplicate made by the studio for further filming of the trilogy ended up as someone’s daily driver, and eventually stolen by the Mexican drug cartel. When I first saw the 2018 Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.8 G 4×4 Diesel A/T I was excited to relive my dreams of Marty McFly’s handsome truck.


Lets state the obvious. This is not what comes to mind when you say Hilux. They’ve always been a little bland, putting function over form. Introduced in the earlier parts of 2018 the Toyota Hilux Conquest deviated from norms and gave us a rather handsome truck. Even without the TRD accessories, which are specific to this truck, the Conquest will stand out among the competitors.

The Toyota Hilux Conquest comes with a redesigned front fascia, with polished black accents, a completely new grille, and bumper. If you could associate this front fascia to a face, the Hilux Conquest is smiling about how handsome he is, rather than the regular Hilux, which looks like its frowning. Sharp lines, and bolder arches and folds completes the muscular front fascia, The headlamps have an LED brow serving as your Daytime Running Lamps, which increases the aggressiveness of the Conquest. Across the rear tailgate you have the graphic, “CONQUEST” to separate you from the pack. Another exclusive to the Conquest is the sport bar in the bed of the truck, which is purely aesthetic, and isn’t recommended for actual cargo rigging.

As mentioned this truck specifically came with a plethora of TRD accessories. The most obvious among the accessories happen in the front fascia also. Replacing the grille with the Toyota emblem, for a honeycomb TRD grille with red accents. The fog lamps forego the simple polished black accent, and are encased in a red accented TRD accessory. The chin has an added on silver TRD Sportivo accessory, which incorporates itself into the red TRD bash plate underneath. The headlights, the edges of the hood, and the rear tailgate are also accessorized with black plastic just to give a sportier look. Going around the truck the flared arches with rivets, and the mudguards are TRD added accessories, to cap of the transformation. Check your local Toyota dealership for pricing and installation of Genuine TRD parts and accessories.

Not much has changed for the interior. Piano black accents dominate the center console, and the steering wheel, foregoing the silver accents of the regular Hilux. In the center of the dash lays a 6.5-inch Touchscreen display, which has DVD, Tuner, and MP3 functionality, which are piped in the cabin through 6 speakers. The plush leather steering wheel makes it a joy to input directional commands, and multi-function buttons right at your fingertips. The instrument cluster has changed for the Conquest, giving you sportier looking dials. Another dealer added extra is a HUD displaying your speed, with speed limit warning. 

A touch of detail, which caught my eye, was the start sequence greeting. Modern Toyotas display the vehicle once turned on, and for the Conquest, they changed even the graphic of the truck during start sequence from a regular Hilux to a Hilux Conquest. Unfortunately the seats are leather, unlike the competition in its class, but you can forgive the Conquest, because of the quality of the cloth, and the comfort of the seats.


The 2018 Toyota Hilux Conquest is based on the Hilux’s 4×4 G variant, with a 2.8L turbo diesel engine. Mated with a 6-speed automatic gearbox with ECT, you can shift through the gears using the gate type sequential shifter. All in all, this engine produces 174Horespower and 450Nm of torque, more than enough to get this truck going, seeing that the use of this vehicle would be more on urban assaults. If the terrain does get tricky, there is an onboard rotary selector, which can shift you from 2wd to 4wd on the fly. Gas mileage during my quick road trip has me pegged at 14-15km/L at brisk highway cruising, and at 6-7km/L for varied city driving.

All in All

At the end of the day the 2018 Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.8 G 4×4 Diesel A/T is still a truck, and will perform, handle, and ride like a truck. Driving the truck around the Metro doesn’t need you to add extra effort during tight situations, because you feel quite connected to the vehicle from the weight and accuracy of the steering. Though at this price point consumers would be expecting loads more of safety kit, such as cameras, parking aids, and cruise control. In addition, the ride quality could use drastic improvements for the next generations to come. Again, it is a truck and should be seen as a truck, but like I said earlier these are now more of urban assault “Look at me and how macho I am” vehicles. Styling is on point with the Conquest, even in the Tonka truck looking TRD accessories kit. You get enough tech, with the keyless entry, Push-to-Start, backing sensors, and that beautifully simple to use 6.5-inch touchscreen. This will throw you back, and really make you “macho” because real men don’t need driving aids. We’ve live through years without cameras, sensors, and cruise control on trucks. But times are different, and at the price point of PHP 1,777,000 (as of date tested) we could use a little more gadgetry.