2018 Volkswagen Lavida 1.4L 230 TSI Comfortline w/ DSG


1.4L Turbo Fuel-Injected Gasoline Engine w/ BlueMotion Technology



128hp & 225Nm of Torque


7 Speed Double Clutch Gearbox (DCG Transmission)

Cruise Control

Climatronic Air conditioning

Leather Seats

Hill Hold Control





PHP 1,171,000 (as of date tested)

Take a look at your iPhone, if you have one. If not, take a look at your Macbook, iPad, and if you still own one, your iPod. Products, which have the wording “Designed in Cupertino, California.” Read on a little, and the truth will be unveiled, “Manufactured in China.” The truth is most of your prized electronics, and daily aids are manufactured in China, but designed at a completely different location. Same is to be said about the 2018 Volkswagen Lavida 1.4L 230 TSI Comfortline w/ DSG, designed in Germany, manufactured in China.

In Business with the Best

Designed in Germany, and manufactured in China, the Volkswagen brand has taken of in the Chinese market. Thanks to a joint venture with manufacturing powerhouse SAIC Motor Corporation Limited they went on to form SAIC Volkswagen, which was founded in 1984. A 25year agreement had SAIC Volkswagen setting one milestone after the other, with each year passing. The Philippines became the first country to receive exported vehicles, namely the Santana, Lavida, Lamado, and Tiguan, as part of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement. This is great news to all potential Volkswagen owners, because we get German engineering, at a competitive price against its Japanese rivals.

Das Styling

Volkswagens have iconic styling; just look at the most iconic styling of all automotive history, the Beetle. Recently Volkswagens have had this subtle approach to styling, where functionality trumps form. It isn’t completely a bad thing, because the 2018 Lavida, for lack of better words, is simply beautiful. It doesn’t have in your face aggressiveness, or an experimental design language, which translates to many underlying definitions. It just works. It’s a black tie on a white shirt, it’s Chuck Taylors with jeans, and it’s solid colours versus stripes. They’re all simple, and they all don’t bother anybody, but they all don’t hurt anybody’s sense of style.

Clean lines in the front fascia give the Lavida a similar look to that of the Jetta. The grille proudly wears a VW logo, with chrome accents running across. The profile of the vehicle carries on with its simplistic styling with a clean line from the rear to the front. The rear styling is something you can see from the Lavida’s luxury German brand cousin, with how the hexagonal taillights incorporate themselves into the vehicles centerline. Though pleasing to the eyes, the side mirrors of the Lavida could use an increase in size. Without proper positioning, you would be left with big blind spots.

On the inside, simplistic beauty continues, with leather upholstery, and silver, and piano black accents. Lets start with the multi-function steering wheel. Wrapped in supple leather, accented in piano black, and chrome, it is a feast for the tactile senses. A subtle flat bottom, gives you a sportier visual to this wheel. A simple center console with a no nonsense entertainment system, which operates Bluetooth, MP3, AM/FM, and Cd. Across the Lavida’s dashboard, a silver plastic trim lines the bottom half, giving flavor to the predominantly black interior.

The Lavida also features a climate control system called, Climatronic Air Conditioning, and this is where you’re glad your vehicle is manufactured in China. Air quality is such an issue now days, with pollutants lingering around our everyday environment. This is most especially in China, where they have to take the extra precaution, and cancel school if the air has too many pollutant particles. The 2018 Volkswagen Lavida’s Climatronic Air Conditioning keeps air quality in the cabin at the highest standard with an anti-allergenic filter, which keeps fungal spores, and allergens from entering the cabin. You can traverse EDSA behind those smoke-belching buses, knowing you, and your passengers are spared from breathing in its pollutants.

Der Motor

Powering the 2018 Volkswagen Lavida, is a 1.4L 230 TSI engine with BlueMotion technology, producing 128Horsepower and 225Nm of torque. Place that with a 7speed DSG gearbox, and you have great fuel mileage numbers. In city driving, the Lavida averaged 10km/L, and on swift highway driving, 23km/L on average. Drive conservatively on the highway, you could even pull numbers of 26km/L on average. Low fuel consumption doesn’t equate to the 2018 Volkswagen Lavida to being a slouch. Wake the vehicle up with applying some gas, and the Lavida darts you out of your current situation. The pairing of the engine, and DSG gearbox gives the Lavida such a linear power delivery. It feels like the engine has even more to give, and the only limit is your skill. Flat through corners, the Lavida begs to be pushed, though the steering returns a numb feeling, this wouldn’t waiver you from carrying some speed through bends, and having some fun.

Alles in Allem (All in All)

The 2018 Volkswagen Lavida 1.4L 230 TSI Comfortline w/ DSG, is a great alternative to the common Japanese sedans you see on the road. I’m quite surprised why there aren’t more Lavidas traversing about, but Volkswagen Philippines is still growing its dealer network, and people haven’t experienced how great it actually is to drive. 2 common, but false notions about the new Volkswagens are, 1) It is expensive. Not at all, coming in at a reasonable PHP1,171,000 (as of date tested), this is a very good price to get yourself into a German engineered sedan. 2) It is from China. If you haven’t noticed most of our belongings actually come from China, and we’re all still alive. We should be happy it’s being imported from China, because as aforementioned, it lets us experience this German quality, at affordability. If you are in the market for a sedan, this should be a benchmark to the Japanese rivals. Yes, you don’t get a touchscreen infotament system, but it could be remedied with PHP 30,000, and Volkswagen will install a Blaupunkt infotament system for you vehicle. Even with the additional extra, it still is priced below its Japanese rivals. Final word, though it may be simplistic in styling, you’ll stand out, because you’ll be part of the proud few to own such a vehicle.