2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower


1.9L RZ4E 4-Cylinder In-line Blue Power Diesel engine with turbo intercooler


150hp & 350Nm of Torque


6-speed A/T with sequential shift

Bi-LED projector headlamps w/ integrated daytime running lamps

Keyless Entry

7-inch full touch monitor w/ Aux, USB, Bluetooth & iPod + AV-in

3-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel w/ hands-free functions and audio controls

Rear Backing camera + Sensors




PHP 1,279,000 (as of date tested)

Synonymous with no nonsense trucks, Isuzu has a heritage in making dependable workhorses internationally. In the 1970s GM and Isuzu teamed together to create a history of vehicles seen internationally. Pairing of GM vehicles, with Isuzu power plants spanning the brands of Chevrolet, Opel, Holden, Buick, and Vauxhall. Proven through history, the Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower will be another great chapter for the books.

It’s the Truck of Pick-ups

Isuzu is to Truck as Tasty is to Bread. No doubt in association there. The 2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower is undoubtedly what should come to mind when asked what a pick-up truck is. The D-Max feels solid like it could take anything you throw in the back, or even tow. Taken from years of truck building the D-Max is equipped with a high-tensile steel cabin and chassis, providing this pick-up increased safety, strength, and durability. No wonder why most contractors choose to have Isuzu’s D-Max in its fleet.

He says She says

Everybody claims to have the most efficient engine, which provides best of both performance and economy. Isuzu’s RZ4E BluePower engines do more than just claim to be efficient, they actually are. What differ from your regular diesel engine are Isuzu’s technological advancements in their engine’s combustion system. From piston pins to fuel injector needles, these advancements contribute to less friction in the engine, improving the fuel economy and emissions of every RZ4E BluePower equipped Isuzu. All this is just impressive jargon, until it is proven in the real world.

The 2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower test unit was loaned to me for a little over a week, and like all media test units we incorporate it into our daily lives to simulate what it would be like to own such a vehicle. The D-Max started with a full tank (76L) from the Santa Rosa office of Isuzu Philippines Corp., and delivered to my house in Paranaque. I immediately took it to dinner in Makati, then to Pasig. Daily it would make a trip from my home in Paranaque to Fort Bonifacio, and Pasig. Twice I took it from my home to Santa Rosa, once to Southwoods, and to Tagaytay. By the time Isuzu Philippines Corp. was picking up the D-Max from my home, I still have yet to put diesel into the tanks. Averaging 17km/L on very conservative highway driving, and 11-12km/L in heavy city traffic, this truck will make every drop of diesel count.


Performance of the D-Max is still that of a truck. It isn’t built to go fast per se, but can still keep up with brisk flowing traffic. You can really feel the 350nm of torque pull this tuck’s 2,700kg gross weight when you push down on the accelerator. This does not mean the D-Max underperforms, but the power to weight ratio leans on the heavier side. Again this isn’t a performance truck, and the performance wouldn’t hinder you from having one of these in your garage. Manipulate the 6-speed gearbox with the sequential shift, and you’ll be going at speed in no time.

The Skin

Above the macho insides of the D-Max, is a rounded front fascia with the ISUZU emblem prominent in the center of the chrome grille, and a chiseled bumper with sharp aggressive lines. See this in the rear-view and it is undoubtedly a D-Max. The rear is clean, and sticks to D-Max designs of the past. Being the 2nd generation D-Max, it graduated from a more squared off/box-like truck styling to the more modern design. The wheels are simple, and I quite like them in this form. 16” silver finish aluminum alloy wheels, with a center cap just tells you this truck is not just form, but function also.

Inside, it’s a mixture of cloth, leather, and hard plastics. The seats are cloth, with a squared pattern insert in the middle. No power seats for the driver, but the comfort of the seats are magnificent. Personally I like the firm seats to support my lower back. The 3-spoke steering wheel is wrapped in supple leather, and has easy access buttons to audio controls, and phone functions. The same leather can be found atop the instrument cluster, but just the brow, the center armrest, and the cubby above the glove compartment.

Creature comforts inside the 2019 D-Max includes this easy to use 7-inch touchscreen infotament system, which can take your Bluetooth audio streaming, AUX, iPod, and has AV-in. The screen also shows your backup camera, which, in low light situations, gives you an infrared like feed of the rear, creating a clearer picture for fewer accidents. Incorporated into your turning signal stock are the buttons for the cruise control.

All in All

The 2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower is a utilitarian truck, dressed for the consumer. You are buying a capable work truck paired with this brilliant RZ4E BluePower engine, which came from Isuzu’s decades long experience with making reliable diesel power plants. Excuse it for being a little raw when it comes to driving comforts, because it is a rigid truck, but it isn’t anything you would not get used to. Isuzu has come light years from their early pick-up trucks, and incorporated the user experience with performance to match. I can’t stop raving on about this engine, because I’ve experienced just how great it performs on the daily. Your savings at the pump would be another great selling point, especially now everybody is tightening up budget with the increase in excise tax on fuel. At PHP 1,279,000 (as of date tested) this D-Max is the middle variant for the D-Max line. Though it isn’t fitted with a bed liner as standard, I’m sure you could go to your local Isuzu dealership, and negotiate it into your purchase. If you’re looking for a work truck for a business, but also can personally drive it around, this 2019 Isuzu D-Max 1.9L RZ4E LS 4×2 AT BluePower is just for you.